"Our Extraordinary Team: Passionate Explorers Uniting Heritage and Adventure"



Meet Vivek, the adventurous founder of Heritage Explorer. With a passion for rustic travel and India’s heritage, Vivek founded our successful Pune-based company.



Meet Chinmay, the sales and guest relations expert who founded Heritage Explorer. With a passion for delivering exceptional experiences, He has been instrumental in our company’s success. 


Biker and Photographer Extraordinaire

Meet Akash, our dynamic team member whose boundless enthusiasm for biking and photography has been instrumental in our journey. Join us as we explore the world through Akash’s lens, capturing incredible moments and creating unforgettable memories.



Meet Shiwam, our asthetic traveler and expert in planning honeymoon tours, particularly in Himachal Pradesh. Join us as we explore the romantic landscapes of Himachal Pradesh, guided by Shiwam’s expertise and passion for creating unforgettable honeymoon experiences.


Dynamic Tour Planner

Meet Sayali, our youngest and most energetic team member, working under Chinmay’s guidance. With a keen interest in planning tours for our valued guests, Sayali brings fresh ideas and enthusiasm to the table.



Meet Chetan, our accomplished co-founder and expert in operations, planning, and execution. With his keen eye for detail and meticulous approach, Chetan ensures seamless operations and flawless execution of our travel experiences.


International Tour Planner

Meet Chaitrali, a vital member of our team who plays an important role in planning international tours. With her expertise in crafting remarkable travel experiences abroad, Chaitrali ensures that our guests have unforgettable adventures around the globe. Additionally, her unwavering support has been invaluable throughout our journey.


Backend Expert

Meet Yash, our skilled backend expert responsible for displaying our products and ensuring a seamless online experience. Beyond his technical prowess, Yash also doubles as a dedicated tour manager, accompanying groups on their journeys.


Adventurous Trailblazer

Meet Niranjan, the fearless leader of our adventure department. With a passion for the outdoors, he crafts thrilling experiences in backpacking and trekking. Niranjan is also an expert in camping and villa booking, ensuring unforgettable adventures with a perfect blend of excitement and comfort.


Young Spirit and Creative Collaborator

Meet Shailesh, our young spirit who brings a fresh perspective and creative energy to our team. Collaborating closely with Akash, Shailesh assists in capturing extraordinary moments through photography and adds a unique touch to our endeavors.



“Meet  Mr. Vinayak Kadam, our Creative Head. A multi-talented visionary, Vinayak infuses creativity and innovation into every facet of our tour company. With a diverse skill set and a passion for travel, he turns dreams into unforgettable experiences, driving our success through inspiration in every journey we create and even he is Asian Games medalist 🇮🇳“.


The Multi-Tasking Maestro

Meet Akshay, our multi-tasking maestro who wears many hats within our team. From managing logistics to coordinating itineraries, Akshay excels in juggling various responsibilities effortlessly. With his exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail, Akshay ensures that every aspect of your journey is seamlessly orchestrated.


Star Tour Manager

Meet Avinash, our exceptional star tour leader. With extensive knowledge, charismatic leadership, and a deep passion for travel, Avinash is the driving force behind unforgettable expeditions.