1.1 Thank you for selecting Heritage Explorer for your travel needs. We are committed to providing you with an exceptional holiday experience. To ensure clarity and avoid any misunderstandings, we kindly request you to carefully read, comprehend, and adhere to the following ‘Terms and Conditions,’ along with our Privacy Policy, before making any bookings, transactions, or availing any services through Heritage Explorer. By booking any tour or service with Heritage Explorer, you are giving your unreserved consent to accept and comply with these ‘Terms and Conditions.’ If you do not agree with any part of this agreement, we ask you to refrain from proceeding with the booking. 

1.2 These ‘Terms and Conditions’ apply to all group tours, customized holidays, corporate tours, and any other services and products, both domestic and international, organized by ‘Heritage Explorer Private Limited.’

1.3 The final authority on the interpretation of these ‘Terms and Conditions’ rests with Heritage Explorer. 

1.4 Heritage Explorer reserves the right to amend, modify, add, enhance, or waive any stipulation, representation, term, or condition mentioned in the ‘Terms and Conditions.’

1.5 In the event of an unforeseen force majeure situation or changes in Government policy, Heritage Explorer retains the right to override any part of these ‘Terms and Conditions’ with an alternate and valid enforceable provision.

1.6 Each of these ‘Terms and Conditions’ shall be independent, and if any provision is declared invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall continue to be valid and enforceable.

1.7 These ‘Terms and Conditions,’ along with any other relevant booking-related terms or periodic communications, constitute the entire agreement between you and Heritage Explorer.

1.8 An agreement between the Company and you will only be deemed valid upon the Company’s receipt of the initial registration amount or deposit, as applicable.


2.1 The company known as ‘Heritage Explorer Private Limited’ operates under the brand name ‘Heritage Explorer.’ Consequently, both names are considered synonymous and will be used interchangeably within this context.

2.2 When we refer to the ‘Website,’ we are specifically pointing to www.heritagexp.com. On the other hand, a ‘Web page’ denotes any page present on the Website www.heritagexp.com.

2.3 The term ‘Brochure’ encompasses various forms of tour information, such as printed brochures, E-brochures, E-itineraries, leaflets, booklets, travel planners, Tour Price lists, and Tour Information Emails.

2.4 ‘Tour’ signifies any Domestic, International, or Inbound Tour organized by Heritage Explorer.

2.5 A ‘Group Tour’ pertains to the number of guests booked on any scheduled tour and must comprise a minimum of 20 guests for Indian tours and 30 guests for international tours.

2.6 ‘FIT’ stands for Free Independent Travel, while ‘GIT’ represents Group Inclusive Tour.

2.7 The term ‘Corporate Tour’ refers to a special tour designed for corporates, industries, institutions, independent organizations, ad-hoc groups, or individuals to facilitate their meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions, seminars, team building, and other events. This segment is also known as MICE, which stands for Meeting, Incentive, Conference, Exhibition.

2.8 A ‘Customized Holiday’ denotes a tailor-made holiday designed according to the specific requirements of an individual guest. This segment is also known as FIT.

2.9 ‘Inbound’ or ‘India Inbound’ relates to tours, packages, or any services provided to foreign nationals or non-resident Indians to explore the states of India and the Indian Subcontinent.

2.10 A ‘Speciality Tour’ refers to a group tour designed to cater to the special interests of travelers, which may include, but are not limited to, Honeymoon Specials, Women’s Specials, Seniors’ Specials, Singles’ Specials, Short Trips, Cost Saver Tours, Festival Tours, Adventure Tours, Trekking Tours, etc.

2.11 A ‘Sales Partner’ represents Heritage Explorer’s authorized travel agent possessing the necessary licenses, permissions, expertise, and infrastructure to sell the tours organized by Heritage Explorer to prospective guests. These include sales channels such as PSPs (Preferred Sales Partners), KSPs (Key Sales Partners), OSP (Overseas Sales Partners), and franchisees.

2.12 ‘Travel Advisor’ denotes Heritage Explorer’s authorized salesperson who assists and guides guests in booking their Heritage Explorer tours/services.

2.13 An Associate/Destination Management Company (DMC)/Contractor/Supplier/Vendor refers to a service provider of a tour or package, including but not limited to airlines, cruises, railways, road transport, hotels, restaurants, caterers, sightseeing attractions, entertainment parks, etc.

2.14 A ‘Tour Manager/TM/Tour Leader/Tour Escort/Tour Assistant/Main Hoon Na’ is an individual designated by Heritage Explorer to conduct the tour as per the itinerary. The Tour Manager also assists and guides the guests during the tour.

2.15 ‘Guests’ encompasses all tourists, travelers, vacationers, sightseers, visitors, backpackers, customers, and clients who have registered their names or inquired about a tour/package or booked a tour by making either partial or full payment for any scheduled tour, customized package, or any other travel-related service provided by Heritage Explorer.

2.16 Regarding gender, all references in masculine gender shall include the feminine gender and vice versa. Additionally, the singular shall include the plural and vice versa, and shall incorporate grammatical variations if any.

2.17 ‘Tour price’ refers to the price mentioned in the Tour Price Grid on the website/mobile application/sms/email/Whatsapp/brochure/E-brochure/leaflet/advertisements on print, electronic, and social media, etc., which guests must pay for booking the tour. Taxes and surcharges, if any, are payable in addition to the Tour Price.

2.18 A ‘Child’ is defined as a guest who is below the age of 11 years.

2.19 An ‘Infant’ refers to a guest who is below the age of 2 years.

2.20 ‘Extra bed’ or ‘mattress’ indicates an additional roll-on mattress placed on the floor in a twin/double bed room.

2.21 A ‘Surcharge’ signifies an additional fee/charge/tax applied over and above the initially quoted tour price, usually due to peak seasons, special events, or as charged by associates/suppliers/contractors/tourism or government authorities.

2.22 ‘Peak Season’ and ‘Super Peak Season’ denote periods of the year when demand surpasses supply, leading to an overall increase in costs. This includes, but is not limited to, Summer Vacation, Diwali Vacation, Christmas Vacation, New Year Holidays, any Country Specific Vacation/Festival, or National/International Events, etc.

2.23 The ‘First Day/Last Day/Day’ of the tour will commence at any time (morning/afternoon/evening/night/midnight) at the first destination, depending on the arrival of the respective flight/train/cruise or any other mode of transport. The same applies to the last day of the tour. In other words, a ‘Day’ of the tour refers to a part of the day or a period of 24 hours or its part thereof.

2.24 ‘Meal Service’ during the tour consists of pre-set breakfast (B)/lunch(L)/dinner(D) and/or any other snacks and mineral water bottles as specified in the itinerary.

2.25 ‘Jain Meal’ on the tour refers to food without onion and garlic served at Lunch and Dinner as per the tour itinerary, not necessarily before sunset. This meal can be provided through buffet service or table service.

2.26 ‘VISA’ stands for ‘Visitor’s International Stay Admission’ and represents a conditional authorization granted by the immigration authorities of a territory to foreigners, allowing them to enter, remain within, or leave that territory for a specified period. It can be in the form of a paper authorization or a stamp/sticker endorsed on the applicant’s passport. Heritage Explorer acts as a facilitator and does not have any role in the granting or rejecting of Visas.

2.27 ‘Force Majeure’ refers to an event or circumstance beyond the control, directly or indirectly, of Heritage Explorer, which hinders its ability to fulfill its obligations and responsibilities regarding the tour. This includes events such as war, hostile invasion, acts of foreign enemies, rebellion, revolution, terrorism, insurrection, civil war, political unrest, government orders, riots, commotion, disorder, curfews, strikes, lockouts, any act or omission of any government instrumentality, changes in legal requirements, infectious diseases, epidemics, pandemics, explosions, fires, floods, droughts, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tempests, typhoons, cyclones, snowstorms, thunderstorms, landslides, and other exceptional natural calamities and acts of God, ionizing radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel/waste or radioactive toxic explosive of any nuclear assembly.

2.28 The ‘Cancellation Policy’ refers to the policy laid down in Heritage


3.1 Reservation of Group Tours, Customized Holidays, Corporate Tours, Inbound, and any independent services via Sales Channels or Online through the website/ mobile app:

Any individual who inquires about or purchases any product offered by Heritage Explorer through its website, mobile application, branch office, sales office, or call center agrees to enter into a contractual agreement with Heritage Explorer. The contract is established between both parties, i.e., Heritage Explorer and the guest. Once the contract is executed, both parties are bound by the ‘Terms and Conditions’ stated on Heritage Explorer’s website, travel planner, brochure, or booking form.

By booking a product/service offered by Heritage Explorer, providing personal information, and consenting to initiate the reservation, the guest signifies their interest in the tour and acknowledges having read, understood, and accepted all the ‘Terms and Conditions’ mentioned on Heritage Explorer’s website, travel planner, brochure, or booking form.

If the booking is carried out by a guest on behalf of their family, they are deemed to have the authorization of their family members after reading, comprehending, and accepting all the Heritage Explorer ‘Terms and Conditions’ presented on the website, travel planner, brochure, or booking form.

All guests must be at least eighteen (18) years old to make a booking with Heritage Explorer.

It is the guest’s responsibility to ensure that all information provided on the booking form is accurate, as the booking process relies on this information. Any losses or costs incurred due to incorrect information will be borne by the guest.

Heritage Explorer reserves the right to accept or decline any booking or cancel an existing booking without providing a reason.

3.2 Customized Holiday Reservation:

Heritage Explorer offers flexibility to guests who prefer not to choose from the ready-made holiday itineraries available on the website. Our Travel Advisors assist these guests in creating customized tailor-made holidays based on their requirements and interests. To initiate the process, a non-refundable Holiday Design Fee (HDF) of INR 1500 for India and INR 3000 for the rest of the world must be paid at the time of inquiry. The HDF will be adjusted in the booking amount if the holiday is booked within 20 working days from the date of receiving the HDF. The HDF covers only two free amendments in the itinerary.

3.3 Corporate Tour Reservation:

For Corporate Tours, in addition to these ‘Terms and Conditions,’ the terms of the ‘Service Contract’ signed with the corporate/ industry/ institution/ independent organization/ ad-hoc group, etc. shall also apply. The ‘Service Contract’ is typically signed by the authorized personnel of the corporate/ industry/ institution/ independent organization/ ad-hoc group, and its terms are applicable to each member of the tour.

3.4 User Registration on Website:

After booking, guests can register on Heritage Explorer’s website to access information related to their respective tours. They can log in using the User ID and Password created during registration. Guests are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their password and account and are fully accountable for all activities carried out under their password or account. If there is any unauthorized use of the password or account or any breach of security, guests must immediately notify info@heritagexp.com or their respective Travel Advisor. Guests are also requested to log out from their accounts at the end of each session. Heritage Explorer cannot be held liable for any loss or damage arising from failure to comply with this requirement.

3.5 Communication with the Guest:

Heritage Explorer will communicate with guests via email, WhatsApp, SMS, telecall, etc., using the legitimate contact details provided by guests on the booking form. Such communications shall be deemed to have been communicated to and received by the guest. Guests must ensure that their contact information is valid and that messages are checked periodically. Heritage Explorer is not a mobile network operator and does not guarantee the delivery of SMS-text messages/ WhatsApp messages/ emails. The guest will indemnify Heritage Explorer for any action taken by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) due to a wrong number/ email provided by the guest for any reason whatsoever.

3.6 Physical and Mental Fitness:

When a guest makes a tour reservation, either for themselves or on behalf of someone else, it implies that the guest (or the person on whose behalf the booking is made) is physically and mentally fit to travel to the chosen destination. Throughout the tour, it is essential for the guest to take care of their health and carry any required medication along with a doctor’s prescription. Heritage Explorer reserves the right to decline a booking or discontinue a guest from the tour if they are found unfit to travel or if their medical condition causes inconvenience to fellow travelers. Any expenses incurred due to health issues during the tour shall be entirely borne by the guest, and Heritage Explorer shall not be held responsible in any manner whatsoever.

3.7 Mandatory Health Requirements:

Guests must comply with all mandatory requirements for travel to their destination, such as vaccinations, RT-PCR tests, RAT, web check-in, self-declarations, e-pass formalities, health checks on arrival/ during the tour, etc., as per the state or country regulations. These requirements are subject to change periodically. Any costs incurred for fulfilling such requirements should be borne by the guests. It is the sole responsibility of the guest to carry the necessary certificates or test reports and present them whenever required by the authorities. In situations where any State or Country or service provider, such as an Airline, Cruise Company, or Railway, may deny entry to a guest on medical grounds, the consequences, including all expenses, will be borne by the guest.

3.8 Travel During Pregnancy:

Heritage Explorer does not recommend travel during pregnancy. The company does not provide any specialized facilities and/or treatments required for childbirth, prenatal, or early infant care during the tour. Guests should carefully consider the risks associated with traveling where necessary medical care for pregnancy may not be readily available or reachable in a timely manner to address potential medical complications, problems, and emergencies that can arise during pregnancy.

4.1 To reserve any tour/package/service, guests must make the payment to Heritage Explorer using various methods such as Cheque, Demand Draft, NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, Payment apps/wallets like BHIM, PhonePe, Gpay, PayTM, or any UPI ID. All payments should be made in the name of ‘Heritage Explorer Private Limited’ only. We support the ‘Go Digital’ movement of India and encourage our guests to make digital payments. Cash payments in INR will be accepted as per the guidelines of the Government of India, along with PAN. Please note that outstation cheques will not be accepted.

4.2 Payments made using Credit Card, Debit Card, and Online Transfer will incur a convenience charge of 1.8%, which will be levied and paid separately by the guest.

4.3 The tour price displayed/advertised/quoted to guests is dynamic. Early bookings are likely to get the lowest price as communicated/offered by the Company, subject to seat availability. Conversely, last-minute bookings may be offered higher prices or vice versa. This pricing structure aims to encourage early bookings or fill vacant seats at the last minute. Therefore, guests traveling on the same group tour may have paid different tour prices. The Company will not entertain any claims regarding this matter.

4.4 Both parties agree that the prices quoted in the proposal/brochure/website have been calculated based on prevailing airline/hotel/transport tariffs and applicable taxes. The Company reserves the right to alter or amend the price published on the website/brochure/proposal in case of an increase in taxes, fuel charges, YQ/YR taxes, visa fees, unprecedented foreign exchange fluctuations, etc. Any additional costs will be borne by the guest and must be paid before departure.

4.5 The tour price does not include government taxes, which are to be paid separately. As per the current government regulations, 5% GST (Goods and Services Tax) is applicable on every tour/package, and guests will have to pay this over and above the tour price. Additionally, effective from 1st October 2020, the government has levied TCS (Tax Collected at Source) on GST inclusive tour/package price for international/overseas travel packages. The TCS rate is either 5% or 10%, depending on certain requirements. Guests who have submitted PAN copy, Aadhaar copy, and have filed their Income Tax Returns (ITR) for the previous two assessment years need to pay 5% TCS. Those guests who do not possess PAN and Aadhaar or have not filed their Income Tax Returns (ITR) for the previous two assessment years will have to pay 10% TCS. The TCS collected can be claimed while filing annual income tax returns. The TCS amount will reflect in the Form 26AS of the guest in whose name the invoice is raised (i.e., Family Head), irrespective of the person who made the payment for the tour/package. Therefore, while booking, guests must ensure that the family head is selected correctly to claim the benefit at a later stage. Once the TCS amount is collected from the guest, it cannot be refunded by Heritage Explorer, as it is paid to the government and reflects against the Form 26AS of the guest. TCS is not applicable to corporates with a TAN (Tax deduction & collection account number) who deduct TDS while making their tour/package payment.

4.6 For guests who have booked the tour online, they need to reconfirm and authenticate the information provided at the time of online booking. The Company reserves the right to cancel the booking and forfeit the amount paid in case of any misleading information provided by the guest.

4.7 The registration amount paid at the time of booking is non-refundable and interest-free, subject to the Cancellation and Refund Policy. The registration amount varies from tour to tour. For tours that require air or cruise booking, the registration amount will be higher compared to other tours. Payment of the registration amount ensures only registration/participation in the tour and does not entitle the guest to any services like air tickets, visas, and hotel accommodations until the full payment for the tour has been made by the guest and received by Heritage Explorer. As per the payment guidelines stated on www.heritagexp.com, the tour price must be paid in full 45 days before the tour departure. If the tour is booked within 45 days of the departure date, guests must make the full payment of the tour price at the time of booking itself. In case the registration amount is not paid in full at the time of booking, the guest must ensure that the balance registration amount is paid within 3 days of booking; otherwise, the booking stands canceled.

4.8 Registration Amount – The tour/package registration amount is 50% of the net tour price, and it is to be paid within three days of booking the tour/package.

4.9 Heritage Explorer reserves the right to cancel the booking, forfeit the advance payment, and impose cancellation charges in case of non-payment of the full tour price 45 days prior to the tour departure date.

4.10 For Customized Holidays, full payment towards the air ticket and a minimum of 20% payment towards the land package must be paid to confirm the booking. We reserve the right to cancel your booking without notice if the payment is not cleared by the timeline.

4.11 If the guest makes tour payment by cheque, and the same is dishonored, a charge of INR 150 + 18% GST will be levied by the Company and borne by the guests immediately. Presently, we do not accept any online payments via international credit or debit cards or any other international transaction methods. If you wish to pay via an international card or international money transfer, please get in touch with our team on +91 887 997 2221. For such transactions, additional transaction charges may apply.

4.12 The guest/user should not share confidential information like credit/debit card numbers, CVV, OTP, card expiry date, user IDs, passwords, etc., with any person, including employees, representatives, or sales partners of Heritage Explorer. If such details are demanded, the guest/user must not proceed with the transaction and immediately inform Heritage Explorer. The Company shall not be liable for any loss incurred by the guest for sharing the aforementioned details.


4.13 All monies paid by the guest to Heritage Explorer will be the property of Heritage Explorer and payable to our Suppliers/Contractors/Associates for pre-blocking/pre-booking and providing the services, along with the operational costs of the company. Guests agree and acknowledge that such monies will not be held by Heritage Explorer on behalf of the guest.

5.1 Any group tour
by Heritage Explorer generally includes the following:

Airfare (wherever



Meals as mentioned
in the itinerary.

Sightseeing as
mentioned in the itinerary.

Tour Manager

Visa Fees of Indian
Nationals excluding ‘Gratis Visas’ or on-arrival free visas.

Driver and guide

This list is
illustrative and not exhaustive; it includes all other inclusions as mentioned
in the itinerary of the respective tour.

5.2 General
Exclusions in Group Tour (GIT):

Gratis/free of cost
Visas not included in the tour price.

Expenses of any
personal nature such as porterage, laundry, telephone charges, shopping,
beverages, additional mineral water, or food not part of the pre-set menus.

Courier charges for
any specific requirements.

Any transport
charges (unless mentioned) to reach the reporting point of the tour and onwards
from the dropping point of the respective tour.

Expenses incurred
in case of discontinuation of the tour for any reason.

Additional expenses
incurred for any unforeseen circumstances like scheduled flight cancellation,
unscheduled accommodation, or any force majeure situation.

Any increase in
government taxes, fuel surcharges, YQ taxes, airfare, airport development fee,
transport charges, visa fees, sightseeing charges, etc.

Additional charge
for pre or post air ticket deviation from the scheduled tour program with
respect to date or sector.

Any excess luggage
charges levied by the airline/cruise/rail/transport company.

This list is
illustrative and not exhaustive; it includes all other exclusions as mentioned
on the website/brochure/itinerary of the respective tour.

5.3 Any upgradation
charge towards first class, business class, premium economy, seat selection,
separate vehicle, room category change, etc., levied by the associates like
airline/cruise/rail/hotel/transport company is not included in the tour price,
and the guest will have to pay the same in addition to the tour price.



6.1 Travel Loan:

Bank and financial institutions offer travel loans on an Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) basis.

EMI comprises the principal amount, interest, and other charges, if applicable, payable by the guest to the respective bank/financial institution/issuer.

The EMI facility is governed by the terms and conditions of each bank/financial institution/issuer. Guests should approach them for any inquiries, complaints, or disputes related to the EMI transaction.

Down payment, installments, interest, processing fee, etc., are charged by the respective bank/financial institution/issuer according to their policies.

In case of tour cancellation, Heritage Explorer will charge cancellation charges as per the Cancellation Policy, and the bank/financial institution/issuer shall process the refund (if any) after deducting the cancellation charge.

The provision of the EMI facility is at the sole discretion of the bank/financial institution/issuer, and Heritage Explorer has no role in the approval, extension, pricing, modification, pre-closure, closure, or any matter incidental to the EMI facility.

Heritage Explorer shall not be held liable for any dispute arising out of or in connection with such EMI facility between the guest and the bank/financial institution/issuer.

6.2 Credit Card EMI:

Credit card holders can avail the Equated Monthly Installments (EMI) facility through their bank for their tour payment.

The bank is at its sole discretion in providing this EMI facility to their users, and Heritage Explorer has no role to play in the approval, extension, pricing, modification, pre-closure, closure, or any matter incidental to the Credit Card EMI facility of the guest.

Heritage Explorer shall not be held liable for any dispute arising out of or in connection with such Credit Card EMI facility between the guest and the bank.


In case of tour cancellation, Heritage Explorer will charge cancellation charges as per the Cancellation Policy and process the refund if applicable.

7.1 Discount/ Saving/ Benefit on the tour price is at the sole discretion of Heritage Explorer. The discount strategy, including validity, amount, percentage, number of seats, dates, age group, category, full payment, part payment, registration amount, early booking, last-minute booking, group booking, etc., is defined and controlled by Heritage Explorer.

The company reserves the right to make changes in the discount policy at any time without assigning any reason.

Any discount/ saving/ benefit offer is valid for a limited period, limited tours, subject to availability, and may be withdrawn at any time without notice.

7.2 If a guest does not fulfill the conditions of the discount, such as making full payment within the timeline or submitting guest/s details/documents in the stipulated time or failing to meet the prescribed guest count for the respective discount, the discount facility will be withdrawn.

The tour will be re-priced for the respective guest/s, and the guest will have to honor and abide by the new price.

7.3 The provision of any complimentary service/item for the tour/guests is at the sole discretion of the company.

Heritage Explorer reserves the right to revoke, amend, or discontinue any such service/item at any time without prior notice.

Complimentary snacks provided by Heritage Explorer on tour are manufactured, packed, and supplied by respective vendors/suppliers. Heritage Explorer acts as a facilitator and is not responsible for any defect or damage and not liable to compensate for any consequences.

7.4 To encourage early bookings, Heritage Explorer may offer benefits to guests, and a ‘free experience’ on tour is one of them.

This benefit is generally available on selected tours and for selected guests who book within the promotional timeline.

Guests who are eligible for the free experience may get it, while others not eligible may purchase it at an additional cost subject to availability.

The provision of free experiences is at the sole discretion of the company, and Heritage Explorer reserves the right to revoke, amend, or discontinue such ‘free experience’ if the guest count falls below a prescribed number to operate the same.

7.5 Any discount or benefit offered in any advertising campaign is part of or supported by the marketing budget of Heritage Explorer.


Guests shall not question, compare, or contest the same, as it is not encashable or refundable in any manner whatsoever.


8.1 For international tours, the tour price includes both Indian rupees and a foreign currency component (Forex), which is to be paid from the traveler’s Basic Travel Quota (BTQ) at the prevailing Rate of Exchange (ROE).

8.2 Forex component in the tour price can be paid in the following ways:

Guest can pay in Indian rupees at the prevailing foreign exchange rate (selling rate).

Guest can pay in the respective foreign currency as per the prevailing Forex Rate (selling rate) by availing currency from Heritage Explorer Forex Private Limited/ Authorized FFMC /Bank.

Guests can pay in the respective foreign currency using their own card.

The family head or any immediate family member traveling or accompanying on the same tour can pay for the family’s foreign exchange by card.


A guest cannot use their card for another person’s tour payment.


9.1 Documents Required for Booking a Tour:

For booking a domestic tour, a guest must have a valid photo ID proof, and for booking an international tour, a valid passport is required.

As per RBI regulations, submission of PAN is mandatory for both domestic and international tours.

Guests must also submit all documents as per the rules and guidelines issued by the respective visa consulate/embassy.

It is the sole responsibility of the guest to hold valid travel documents such as passports, visas, confirmed air tickets, insurance, medical or legal certificates, etc., to travel on the tour.

Failure to possess the required documents or submit them within the stipulated time may result in tour cancellation and applicable cancellation charges will be levied.

9.2 Photo Identification:

For domestic tours in India, guests must carry photo identification in the form of Aadhar card, election ID card, PAN card, driving license, and school/college ID card for students.

Photo identification may be required at airports, rail stations, certain sightseeing places, safari parks, border area locations, etc., and guests must produce it on demand.

9.3 Passport:

For international travel, all guests, including children and infants, must possess a machine-readable passport valid for a minimum of 180 days from the tour return date, along with applicable visas.

Guests should check their passport details for accuracy, such as name, address, validity, expiry date, blank pages for visas, etc.

Old passports with 20 years’ validity and handwritten passports are not accepted.

Guests should ensure that the passports are well maintained, serially numbered, and not damaged, tampered, scribbled, stapled, torn, etc.

If any passport-related issue leads to tour cancellation, the guest is liable to pay applicable cancellation charges.

For certain countries, if a valid visa is on the old passport, guests must carry both the old and the new passport on tour.

Guests should keep themselves updated about the prevailing rules of the respective country/consulate/embassy.

9.4 Visa (International Tours):

A visa is a mandatory authorization issued by the consulate that permits guests to enter their country for a limited period of stay.

Guests must ensure that they possess valid visas for joining the tour.

Heritage Explorer assists guests in preparing visa documents, submitting them, and collecting passports from the consulate on their behalf where applicable.

The decision to issue a visa is at the sole discretion of the respective consulate, and Heritage Explorer cannot raise any objection to it.

Guests must verify the visa copy/stamp for any errors or discrepancies and inform the travel advisor immediately.

Guests must submit all documents required for the visa application well in advance.

Due to high demand at consulates/embassies, visa processing time may be longer than expected.

Guests may need to apply for an additional visa other than those already included in the tour price, and they will have to bear the additional visa cost.

9.5 Travel Insurance:

All guests must possess travel insurance for domestic and international tours.

For international tours, overseas travel insurance is included in the tour price for guests below 59 years of age, while guests above 59 years will have to pay the difference in insurance premium.

The insurance has limited coverage, including loss of baggage, flight delays/cancellation, hospitalization, death, repatriation, evacuation, etc.

Guests can upgrade their travel insurance for higher coverage by paying an additional premium.

Guests taking pre or post tour extensions should extend their existing insurance policy with additional premium charges.

In case of any incident leading to insurance claim, guests must intimate the insurance company and Heritage Explorer within 24 hours.

9.6 Foreign Nationals or Non-Resident Indians (NRIs):

Foreign nationals and NRIs joining Heritage Explorer’s India or Indian subcontinent tours should possess a valid visa for the required number of days of the tour.

They should abide by all the laws, rules, and regulations of the respective country while undertaking the tour.

Foreign nationals and NRIs joining other Indian or international tours should possess a visa for all countries included in the tour and abide by the respective countries’ laws and regulations.

9.7 Minors:

Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or an adult who shall be responsible for their welfare and supervision or should have a written consent letter from the parent/s to join the tour.

Failure to submit the appropriate documentation for minors may lead to tour cancellation, and Heritage Explorer is not responsible for any consequences or losses.

9.8 Immigration:

Holding a valid visa allows guests to enter the respective country’s immigration point, but the permission to enter the country is solely at the discretion of the immigration authority.


Guests may be interrogated, held back, or deported by the immigration authority, and all expenses incurred in such situations will be borne by the guests. Heritage Explorer is not responsible for any consequences or losses in such cases


10.1 Heritage Explorer aims to operate the tour as per the original tour itinerary. However, the itinerary is subject to change based on various factors such as state or country regulations, airline/cruise/rail/road transport, hotel availability, weather conditions, etc.

10.2 Heritage Explorer reserves the right to change, alter, or amend the itinerary before the tour departure or while on tour. Guests will be informed about the changes through email, SMS, or a call from the Tour Manager.

10.3 Changes in the itinerary can be caused by Force Majeure events, fairs, festivals, sports events, weather conditions, traffic problems, flight/cruise/railway cancellations or overbooking, hotel closure, closure of entry to a sightseeing attraction, etc. Any additional charges due to unforeseen situations will be borne by the guest.

10.4 Heritage Explorer may add, delete, or exchange sightseeing attractions or services for the betterment of the itinerary. If the new sightseeing or service requires an extra charge, it will be borne by the guest.

10.5 Some tour itineraries include specific sightseeing attractions or destinations on specific dates/days, such as full moon day, independence day, republic day, etc. If it becomes impossible to visit these attractions due to unavoidable reasons or political movements, an attempt will be made to visit them on an alternate day. If a visit is not possible at all, an alternate sightseeing will be arranged or the entry fee will be refunded.

10.6 If any sightseeing place or adventure activity is not possible due to certain reasons, an alternate sightseeing may be arranged if possible. If an alternate cannot be arranged and a refund is applicable, it will be paid in INR only.

10.7 Any mishap on tour may result in a change in the itinerary.

10.8 In tours/packages that include helicopter, seaplane, cruise, ferry, etc., the availability is subject to weather conditions, local body permissions, and other statutory requirements. Heritage Explorer is not responsible for any operational deficiencies under any circumstances. Under unavoidable circumstances, Heritage Explorer reserves the right to use an alternate product/service/sightseeing instead of the one advertised or published. The company shall not be liable for any damage, additional expenses, or consequential loss suffered by the guest.


10.9 Guests should note that changes in the itinerary are beyond the company’s control, and Heritage Explorer shall not be liable to pay any compensation/damages due to such changes.


11.1 Joining and Leaving (J/L) or Ex destination guest refers to a traveler who books a Heritage Explorer group tour without availing the services of visa, insurance, and the main sector air ticket to reach the first destination of the tour on day one and leaves the tour on the last day from the last place of sightseeing/restaurant/hotel/airport to reach their hometown. These guests will have to make the J/L or Ex destination tour payment in INR/USD/EURO or in the designated currency of the respective tour either at any of the Heritage Explorer sales offices or directly by electronic transfer.

11.2 J/L or Ex destination guests should carry valid air tickets, passports, valid visas, and insurance for the tour. To and fro airport transfers, if any, should be arranged by the guests at their own cost.

11.3 Guests should verify the tour particulars such as day, date, time, place, flight schedule with Heritage Explorer Travel Advisor and make their flight bookings accordingly to join/leave the scheduled group tour. Guests should purchase refundable air tickets so that, in case of any change in the date of the scheduled tour, they can modify their air tickets accordingly. If guests purchase non-refundable tickets and there is a change of date in the scheduled tour, they shall have to purchase new tickets at their own cost. Heritage Explorer shall not be liable for any loss/cancellation arising due to this.

11.4 It is mandatory for guests to share a copy of their valid air ticket, visa, and insurance with their Travel Advisor at Heritage Explorer before the tour. Guests should also share their local contact details and be aware of the reporting place, name of the Tour Manager, and their active local contact number.

11.5 Any additional service like pre/post accommodation, transfers, sightseeing, meals, etc., will attract additional charges, and such payments must be settled immediately or 45 days prior to the tour departure.

11.6 Due to any unavoidable circumstances, force majeure, or airline operational changes, there may be alterations in the tour sightseeing schedules of the first or last day. In such cases, J/L or Ex destination guests may miss the sightseeing or any on-tour service. Heritage Explorer will neither be liable for any refund of missed sightseeing/service nor any compensation for such consequences.


11.7 J/L or Ex destination guests will have to reach the scheduled reporting place (airport/hotel/sightseeing) at their own cost as advised by the Travel Advisor/Tour Manager. If a guest is unable to join the tour at the pre-decided reporting place, the group will proceed as per the itinerary, and the guest will have to join them wherever possible and bear the expenses for the same.

12.1 Deviation Guest refers to a traveler who books a Heritage Explorer group tour and chooses to deviate from the scheduled itinerary either before or after the tour for various reasons, such as visiting friends/relatives, attending a convocation/convention, or for business purposes.

12.2 If a guest wishes to travel in advance (pre-deviation) or return at a later date (post-deviation), they must inform the Travel Advisor at the time of booking. The Travel Advisor will guide the guest about the necessary changes to be made in various services, such as airline date change/sector change, visa extension, additional service change, insurance validity, additional accommodation/transfers, etc. Additional charges will apply for making the required changes, and the guest should make the payment immediately.

12.3 Deviation requests are subject to availability, and if the requested change is not available, the guest will have to choose from alternative options.

12.4 It is the responsibility of the guest to re-confirm their air ticket and flight schedule 24 hours prior to departure.

12.5 If a guest is taking any pre or post-tour deviation on their own, they must join or leave the tour at the airport/hotel/sightseeing at their own cost as advised by the Travel Advisor/Tour Manager. If the guest is unable to join the tour at the pre-decided reporting place, the group will proceed as per the itinerary, and the guest will have to join them wherever possible and bear the transportation expenses.


12.6 Deviation is a guest’s requirement, and Heritage Explorer can only assist but does not guarantee the availability of deviations. The company will not be held responsible for any consequences arising due to deviations.

13.1 Heritage Explorer offers an option of a Post Tour Holiday package, where guests can extend their holiday after completing the scheduled group tour in the same city or country or at a destination of their choice.

13.2 Guests who opt for a Post Tour Holiday must inform the Travel Advisor at the time of booking itself. The Travel Advisor will guide the guest about the necessary changes to be made in various services, such as airline return ticket date change/sector change, visa extension, insurance validity, etc. Guests can choose from readymade Post Tour Holiday packages or opt for a Customized Holiday. The additional charges for the Post Tour Holiday must be paid by the guest immediately.

13.3 Post Tour Holiday requests are subject to availability, and if the requested package is not available, the guest will have to choose from alternative options.

13.4 It is the responsibility of the guest to re-confirm their return air ticket and flight schedule 24 hours prior to departure.


13.5 Post Tour Holiday is not an escorted group tour; it is a Customized Holiday (FIT), and all inclusions and exclusions will be as per the itinerary provided by Heritage Explorer.

14.1 General:

Heritage Explorer’s group tours may include air tickets, but some categories of tours may exclude air tickets. For air-inclusive group tours, seat reservations are made well in advance by Heritage Explorer, sometimes even a year before the tour departure date, by paying an advance/deposit to the airline. The actual ticketing of the group happens prior to the departure as per the airline ticketing policy. Any increase in airfare, taxes, fuel surcharges, airport development fees, etc. between the tour launch date and departure date will have to be borne by the guests and must be paid before the tour departure.

When a guest books an air-inclusive tour or an air ticket through Heritage Explorer, it is understood that they have accepted the Airline’s Terms & Conditions of travel, baggage, meals, services, etc., as well as applicable national/international laws governing air transportation (e.g., DGCA, IATA, PATA). If there is a discontinuation of airline service or changes in airline routes, flight schedules, flight delays, etc., any additional expenses incurred for the continuation of the tour will have to be borne by the guests.

Guests must take utmost precaution while filling and verifying their booking form for details like correct name-spelling, age, birth date, contact details, passport number, date, and place of passport issue, etc. The name should always match the passport for international tours and Aadhar card for domestic tours. Incorrect details may lead to name correction (if time permits), denial of boarding, deportation, cancellation of the tour, etc. Guests will have to bear the consequences, losses, or additional expenses, and Heritage Explorer is not responsible or liable for the same.

If guests book individual air tickets through Heritage Explorer, they must ensure that they do not hold any other air ticket with the same or different airline for the same date, as it may lead to the auto-cancellation of the air ticket, and guests will have to bear the consequences arising due to the same.

14.2 Baggage:

Heritage Explorer provides information about baggage allowance to the booked guests prior to the tour departure. Guests should also check and adhere to the baggage allowance and conditions of the airline/s they are traveling with. Any excess baggage charges should be borne by the guests.

Guests are advised to travel light, pack their own belongings, and use stroller bags as they have to carry them on their own.

14.3 In-flight Seating:

Heritage Explorer reserves economy class air tickets for guests of air-inclusive tours, which do not include specific seating options like front row, emergency row, aisle seat, window seat, etc. If guests wish to book any specific seat, they will have to inform their respective Travel Advisor and make the necessary payment for the said facility. This request will be subject to availability with the airline.

On the day of departure, if guests wish to upgrade from economy to premium economy, business, or first class, they can do so subject to availability by paying the additional amount to the airline.

14.4 Airline Credit Points:

Guests who wish to use their air miles, frequent flyer points, credit points, etc., for their tour are advised to book the tour as joining leaving (J/L) or Ex destination guest and reserve their individual tickets to avail of the facility. Guests will have to communicate directly with the airline/s for their frequent flyer miles, and Heritage Explorer will assist the guests if needed.

14.5 In-flight Meals:

In-flight meal service is at the discretion of the respective airline.

Requests for veg/non-veg or special meals are to be informed at the time of booking and are subject to availability with the airline.

Heritage Explorer is not responsible for any unavailability of requested meal types/quantities and the quality of in-flight meals.

On domestic as well as short-haul international tours, in-flight meals are not included in the air ticket, and guests are advised to carry snacks for the flight journey.

14.6 Airport Services:

Various airports offer special services like lounge facility, attendants, Pranaam Guest Services, etc., at an additional cost. Guests who wish to avail of such facilities may inform the Travel Advisor to pre-book the same. Wheelchair facilities for seniors or physically challenged guests are also available at the airport if pre-booked and are mostly free of cost. These facilities are subject to availability.


Baggage and Belongings:

14.1 Guests are advised to travel light and not carry any valuables on the tour. They should take utmost care of their baggage and belongings at all times and not leave them unattended. It is recommended to use digital payment systems like forex cards, credit cards, mobile payments, e-wallets, etc. during the tour. Guests are solely responsible for their personal baggage and belongings, and Heritage Explorer or its representatives are not responsible for any loss, theft, damage, or accidents involving such personal belongings during the tour, flight journey, coach travel, hotel stay, or at sightseeing places, regardless of the reason.

14.2 In case of any loss, theft, damage, or accident, it is the guest’s responsibility to file a complaint with the concerned local authorities, such as the police, private bodies, airline office, etc., and keep a follow-up of the same.

14.3 Any claim regarding loss, theft, damage, accident, or negligence with any associate, such as airline, hotel, coach company, sightseeing places, etc., should be directly addressed with the respective associate or insurance company (if applicable). Heritage Explorer is not liable to pay any compensation to the guest for any dispute arising about the adequacy of the settlement amount or rejection of the claim by the associate or the insurance company.


14.4 Guests should be aware of the customs, immigration, and airline restrictions on the carriage of certain items, articles, objects, and currency limits during travel. Any violations of these restrictions may lead to detention, missed flights, or curtailment of the tour, and Heritage Explorer will not be responsible for any losses or additional expenses arising due to such violations

15.1 For tours, air-conditioned/air-cooled/non-air-conditioned vehicles are used based on the itinerary, road conditions, and the number of guests in the tour. The mode of transport may include big coaches, mini coaches, tempo travellers, jeeps, cars, or taxis.

15.2 Seat allotment in the coach is based on the booking date priority of the tour, and seat numbers are allotted one day before the departure of the tour. Seat numbers cannot be provided at the time of booking or before the tour departure.

15.3 Prime seats (seat numbers 3 & 4) are available for booking at an additional cost, if available. For smaller vehicles, prime seats are not applicable.

15.4 In certain tours, small vehicles (e.g., Etios/Dzire/Innova or similar) are used for road travel, accommodating 4-6 guests. Tour Managers will rotate in sharing one of these cars with the group.

15.5 Guests or groups can opt for a separate vehicle for their family or upgrade the vehicle type at an additional cost, subject to availability.

15.6 Tours to specific destinations like Leh Ladakh, Andaman, Sikkim Darjeeling, and North East will use small vehicles based on 5-6 guests in one vehicle. The type of vehicles used for these tours may vary based on daily availability, and it is not possible to upgrade the vehicle type.

15.7 Coach captains/vehicle drivers play a vital role in the successful operation of the tour. Guests are requested to treat them with respect and be aware of driving rules, rest periods, and driving hours.

15.8 Guests are expected to be punctual and follow the day’s schedule. If any guest does not report to the coach at the given time, the coach will proceed to the next point/destination, and the guest will have to join the group at their own expense.

15.9 There is a strict ‘no smoking,’ ‘no alcohol,’ and ‘no eating’ policy in the vehicle to maintain comfort and safety for all guests.

15.10 Guests are advised to carry coins/small change for ‘pay & use’ toilet facilities available at most places.

15.11 In the event of a vehicle failure or air conditioner malfunction, Heritage Explorer will attempt to find a feasible solution at the earliest. However, the company is not responsible for such mechanical failures and is not liable for any compensation.

15.12 Guests are required to pay for any accidental or intentional damage caused to the interior or exterior of the coach during the tour.

15.13 Heritage Explorer will not be liable for any refund for missed sightseeing due to unforeseen circumstances such as road demonstrations, landslides, road closures, traffic jams, etc.


16.1 Heritage Explorer offers exclusive cruise tours, and some tours include single or multi-night cruises as part of the itinerary. The prices for cruise-inclusive tours are based on the type of cabins specified in the itinerary, such as inside state rooms, port-hole, or ocean view cabins.

16.2 Guests have the option to upgrade to balcony cabins or suites at an additional cost, subject to availability.

16.3 Shore excursions beyond those included in the tour or optional facilities on the cruise can be availed by guests by paying an extra charge directly to the cruise company.

16.4 It is the responsibility of the guests to be punctual, as the cruise cannot wait for anyone. If a guest misses the cruise, they will have to make arrangements to reach the next ‘port of call’ of the cruise or the next destination of the tour at their own expense.

16.5 Individual guests traveling on Customized Holiday packages should be aware of the statutory tipping policy of the cruise and pay accordingly.

16.6 Some tours include rail journeys as part of their itinerary, and generally, air-conditioned chair cars or sleeper berths are reserved for day or night journeys, respectively. Upgrading the rail class is possible, subject to availability, at an additional cost.

16.7 Guests are responsible for being on time and should not miss the train, as they will have to bear the cost and face the consequences if they miss their scheduled train.


16.8 Since cruise and rail companies are private organizations, their own Terms and Conditions will apply in addition to Heritage Explorer’s Terms and Conditions. Guests are advised to be aware of and adhere to the terms of both the cruise/rail company and Heritage Explorer during their travel.

17.1 In the event of cancellation of a tour or package that involves services booked or blocked well in advance, there will be a forfeiture of money based on the timing of the cancellation with the supplier. Any cancellation of a booked tour or service will incur specified cancellation charges, as outlined below. Please note that certain tours may include third-party products or services such as airlines, cruises, railways, hotels, restaurants, sightseeing companies, etc., and their respective Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policies will also apply in addition to Heritage Explorer’s Policy.

17.2 This Cancellation Policy is applicable to all guests of ‘Heritage Explorer Pvt. Ltd.’ who have booked Group Tours, Customized Holidays, MICE Tours, Inbound Holidays, or any independent services from Heritage Explorer.

17.3 Guests must submit their cancellation requests in writing, clearly stating the reason for cancellation, via email to Heritage Explorer at info@heritagexp.com, using the guest’s registered email ID.

17.4 Once a booking is cancelled, it cannot be reinstated. Any reversal or re-booking will be treated as a fresh booking, and additional charges may apply.

17.5 By proceeding with the booking, all guests expressly agree to abide by the aforementioned policy and terms.

17.6 Cancellation Scenarios:

a. Guest-initiated cancellation due to personal reasons:

In the event a guest cancels the tour for personal reasons, such as non-sanction of leave, exam postponement, illness, family emergencies, etc., the date of the cancellation request email sent by the guest (unless decision withheld or changed) will be considered as the date of cancellation, and the applicable cancellation charges will be levied accordingly.

b. Heritage Explorer compelled to postpone/reschedule the tour due to force majeure or uncontrollable factors:

Heritage Explorer reserves the right to cancel, postpone, or reschedule any tour under force majeure situations like natural calamities, epidemics, pandemics, terrorist activities, political unrest, curfews, local riots, government orders, or uncontrollable factors such as airline operation/schedule changes, disruptions due to political/sports/local/VIP events, etc., with the primary concern being the safety of the tourists.

In the event of any force majeure situation or uncontrollable factors, no refund, either full or partial, will be applicable. Instead, guests will be required to choose the next possible future date for the same tour. If there is a price difference for the future tour, guests will need to pay the additional amount before the tour departure.

To reschedule the tour in a force majeure situation or uncontrollable factors, Heritage Explorer will seek the cooperation and assistance of all the relevant associates, such as airlines, hoteliers, transporters, etc., in the postponement of services. If these associates are unable to accommodate the request, actual cancellation charges may apply.

If a guest wishes to change the destination, the decision will depend on the cooperation of the associates, such as airlines, hoteliers, transporters, etc. Such a decision may take some time and will be communicated as early as possible. If the selected tour’s price is higher, the guest will have to pay the difference before the tour departure. In case the tour price is lower, the remaining amount will be kept as a credit shell with Heritage Explorer, and no refund will be provided for the credit shell.

c. Guest cancels the tour due to non-acceptance of changes in the itinerary or services:

Heritage Explorer reserves the right to enhance the itinerary or make alterations under unforeseen circumstances, including adding, deleting, or exchanging sightseeing places or any other services. In such cases, guests are not permitted to withdraw from the tour. If any additional sightseeing or service incurs extra charges, the guest will be required to cover these costs. Should a guest be unwilling to accept the proposed changes, cancellation of the tour will be necessary, and the applicable cancellation charges, as per the Cancellation Policy, will be enforced.

d. Deemed Cancellation – Guest’s booking is canceled due to visa rejection/delay:

Visa rejection or delay will result in the deemed cancellation of the booking without any explicit notification or confirmation from the guest. The date of visa rejection will be considered the cancellation date, and the corresponding cancellation charges will apply. Guests may choose to re-apply for a visa by paying additional fees, but the granting of the visa is at the discretion of the respective Consulates, and Heritage Explorer will not be held responsible for visa decisions. If the visa is not granted even upon re-application, the cancellation charge will be based on the date of the second visa rejection.

In the absence of any intimation from the respective consulate/embassy regarding the visa status before the tour departure, it will be deemed a cancellation, and the relevant cancellation charges will apply. For ‘group bookings,’ if an individual’s visa within the group is rejected or delayed, leading to the cancellation of the entire group’s tour, the cancellation charges mentioned in the Cancellation Policy will apply to the entire group.

Upon receipt of the visa from the consulate, Heritage Explorer will send a copy to the guest via email. However, in cases where the consulate directly dispatches the passports to the guest’s residence, it is the guest’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of personal details and visa validity on the visa sticker/copy. Heritage Explorer will not be liable for any refunds, losses, or consequences arising from incorrect details that prevent the guest from leaving or entering the country.

In certain cases where air tickets/visas are processed more than 91 days in advance, in addition to the regular tour cancellation charges, additional actual charges for air/visa fees will apply.

e. Deemed Cancellation – Guest’s booking is canceled due to non-payment of partial/full tour price:

Guests are required to pay the full tour price at the time of booking or within 60 days/45 days before the tour departure date. Failure to make the payment within the specified timeframe will result in Heritage Explorer canceling the booking without any written notification from the guest and forfeiting the amount paid. In such cases, Heritage Explorer’s cancellation notice date will be treated as the deemed cancellation date, and the applicable cancellation charges will be enforced in accordance with the Cancellation Policy.

f. Deemed Cancellation – Guest’s booking is canceled due to ‘No show’ or absence on Day 1 of the tour:

If a guest fails to join the tour on day one, it will be considered a ‘No Show’ and treated as deemed cancellation, with no refund applicable. All services will be canceled, and 100% cancellation charges will apply unless the guest informs Heritage Explorer about joining the tour later at their own expense.

g. Deemed Cancellation – Guest’s tour is canceled due to discontinuation from the ongoing tour:

If a guest discontinues or terminates the tour for personal reasons, it will be regarded as deemed cancellation, and no refund will be provided. Heritage Explorer’s team will assist the guest in booking the required services, but all expenses for the same must be paid by the guest immediately in advance.


h. Cancellation by a Single (Solo) Guest sharing a room with another guest:

For a single guest, it is recommended to book on specialty tours such as Women’s Special, Seniors Special, Adventure Special, etc., where Heritage Explorer guarantees a room partner, allowing the guest to save on the single occupancy charge.

However, if a single guest chooses to travel alone on a regular tour, the single occupancy charge will apply. In the event that the guest finds a room partner for the entire duration of the tour and shares a twin/double room, the single occupancy charge will be refunded within 10 working days after the completion of the tour.

Please note that if one of the room sharing partners cancels the tour, no refund of the single occupancy charge will be applicable.

Heritage Explorer reserves the right to refuse any booking or cancel an accepted booking without providing specific reasons or justifications.

Furthermore, while on tour, if a guest fails to adhere to the group tour decorum, misbehaves, or creates disturbances that inconvenience co-passengers, the Tour Manager, coach captain, local citizens, officials, etc., Heritage Explorer reserves the right to terminate the tour for that guest. In such a scenario, the guest will have to make their own travel arrangements for return, and no refund will be applicable.

18.2 Tour Transfer:

If a guest wishes to transfer from their original tour to a new tour for any reason, the transfer will be treated as a cancellation of the original tour. A fresh booking for the new tour must be made, and cancellation charges will apply based on the net tour price of the original tour. The prevailing tour price and discounts will be applicable to the new tour booking.

Guests desiring a transfer must communicate their request in writing to the Travel Advisor, and the acceptance of such requests will be subject to availability.

18.3 Tour Merging:

Heritage Explorer reserves the right to merge two or more tours in the event of inadequate guest participation in a single tour or for operational reasons. Seat allocation on the coach will follow the priority of the booking dates of the merged tours.

17.4 Refund Policy:

The determination of the refund amount payable to the guest in case of cancellation, transfer, or amendment of the tour rests with Heritage Explorer. The refund calculation takes into account various factors, such as the cancellation date, tour capacity reduction, contractual agreements, and cancellation policies of associated entities like airlines, hotels, and transporters. The decision made by Heritage Explorer on the refund amount, as per the Cancellation Policy, will be final and paid directly to the guest.

According to GOI regulations, any refund by Heritage Explorer for both Indian and International tours will be made only in Indian rupees through A/C payee cheque, NEFT, or RTGS, regardless of whether the guest made the tour payment partially or fully in foreign currency.

Refunds will be processed in the name of the family head as marked on the booking form. In the case of ad-hoc/corporate groups, refunds may be made in the name of the institution or company that made the payment on behalf of the group.

Heritage Explorer is not obligated to pay any interest on the tour amount paid by the guest/s.

Convenience charges for payments made through Credit Card, Debit Card, Online Transfer, etc., are non-refundable.

Tax Collected at Source (TCS) for international tours is non-refundable as it is deposited with the income tax department and recorded on the guest’s registered PAN. Once TCS is paid, it cannot be reversed, but guests can claim it while filing their annual Income Tax Returns.

In the case of force majeure or uncontrollable situations, Heritage Explorer reserves the right to impose non-refundable ‘tour transfer charge’ or ‘service charge’ for standalone services.

For FIT/Customized packages, the Holiday Design Fee charged at the time of enquiry is non-refundable if guests do not book the holiday with Heritage Explorer.

When the tour price includes the visa fee, and the consulate/VFS/embassy procedure requires direct payment of the visa fee by the guest, the reduction in visa fee will be provided at the time of booking or refunded within 7 working days of the guest submitting the visa payment receipt.

If the tour price includes the visa fee, guests must present a valid visa for the tour at the time of booking to avail the reduction in the visa fee. In the event of unforeseen circumstances resulting in tour rescheduling, guests will be responsible for obtaining a new visa according to the updated schedule and bear the associated costs.


19.1 Overview:

The accommodation provided during the tour varies depending on the category of the tour/package. It may include stays in resorts, hotels, houseboats, tents, camps, dormitories, hostels, cruises, trains, coaches, and more. The specific location of the accommodation is determined based on the tour program.

Please note that the names of suggested hotels or types of accommodation mentioned in the tour program are subject to availability. In certain cases, similar tours may be accommodated in different hotels or types of accommodation based on capacity and availability at the destination.

It is important to mention that hotel membership rewards or points cannot be earned or redeemed for hotels booked through the company.

19.2 Room Types and Categories:

Rooms on the tour are generally offered in twin/double or single bed configurations. For guests requiring an extra bed, a mattress may be provided on the floor. If desired, guests can upgrade to suite rooms, family rooms, or rooms with specific views (subject to availability) by paying an additional cost. Those who wish to have an additional room on the tour can also do so, subject to availability and an extra charge.

Please be aware that single rooms are often smaller in size and may be located on different floors or in a corner of the hotel.

The assignment of rooms to individuals or groups is at the discretion of the hotel, associate, or supplier providing the accommodation and is not controlled by Heritage Explorer.

19.3 Check-In and Check-Out Time:

The standard check-in time for hotels in India and around the world is 3 pm, and check-out time is 10 am. Our tour programs and itineraries are planned accordingly. It’s important to note that even if we arrive at the destination early in the morning, hotel check-in may not be possible until 3 pm. In such cases, we will attempt to complete one or more sightseeing activities before check-in.

Guests who wish to check-in early or check-out late can request this service individually, subject to availability, and by paying an additional charge.

Certain types of accommodations may require a credit card or security deposit at check-in, which will be refunded at check-out, subject to the utilization of services by the guests.

19.4 Room Sharing Policy:

For single guests sharing a room with others, they must abide by the room sharing policy of Heritage Explorer, which is sent to guests on their registered email ID upon booking the tour. Any issues or disputes between room sharing partners, such as misunderstandings, damage or loss of personal items, or damage to hotel property, are the sole responsibility of the sharing partners and must be resolved between them. Heritage Explorer will not be held responsible for such matters.

Any room sharing partner engaging in harmful, unhygienic, or intolerable behavior will be required to take a separate room immediately, and an additional charge for single occupancy will apply.

19.5 Accommodation for Children Sharing with Parents:

For families with three members, it is recommended to opt for a double room with an extra mattress, and for families with four members, it is suggested to book two separate rooms. In general, most hotels on international and Indian tours do not allow four people in one room for safety reasons.

19.6 Damage to Property:

Any damages caused to hotel rooms or types of accommodation during the stay are the responsibility of the guest, and the cost of damages must be paid immediately or before check-out. If guests notice any pre-existing damage in the room, it should be immediately brought to the attention of the hotel staff and/or the Heritage Explorer Tour Manager. Heritage Explorer is not liable for such losses and will not be responsible for paying any charges related to damages.

19.7 Accommodation Facilities:

The availability of accommodation facilities, such as parking, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, gymnasiums, spas, salons, swimming pools, sports and entertainment activities, child care/play centers, meeting rooms, business centers, travel desks, doctor-on-call services, elevators, porters, laundry services, internet, Wi-Fi, telephones, minibars, alcoholic beverages, paid television channels, air conditioners, in-room safes, amenities, and room service, may vary depending on the type of tour or destination. These facilities may or may not be available on a complimentary basis, and guests should check with the hotel before availing them. Any charges incurred for using these facilities must be paid directly to the hotel by the guest.

Heritage Explorer is not responsible for any disruptions in services, facilities, or amenities offered at the hotel or accommodation, nor for any deficiency in service, including unprofessional behavior of hotel staff, as it falls outside the direct purview of Heritage Explorer.

To promote global warming mitigation, conservation of natural resources, and sustainability, many countries, governments, local communities, private establishments, and independent bodies have enforced restrictions on water, electricity, and air conditioning usage. As responsible tourists, all guests are expected to adhere to these guidelines.


19.8 Accommodation in Natural Surroundings:


In certain accommodation types located in natural surroundings, such as tents, camps, safari lodges, beach resorts, etc., it is common to encounter insects like ants and cockroaches inside the rooms, as well as birds, monkeys, small animals, and occasional rodent sightings around the premises. Such occurrences should not be considered a sign of uncleanliness, as they are natural elements of these destinations and locations.



20.1 During the tour, meals are provided as per the written itinerary or tour program, indicated by B (Breakfast), L (Lunch), and D (Dinner). The pre-set menus usually consist of Indian meals, with occasional inclusion of local or international cuisine, depending on the destination and tour. Indian meals generally include dal, rice, roti, two vegetables, one non-veg item, salad, accompaniments, and dessert.

20.2 At certain locations on the tour, packed meals may be served.

20.3 In group tours, special meal or diet requests can be accommodated to a limited extent if informed at the time of booking. However, guests with such requests should carry their own dry snacks, as some locations may be unable to fulfill specific dietary needs.

20.4 Jain meals or meals without onion and garlic can be served at Lunch and Dinner as per the tour itinerary, but not necessarily before sunset. These meals may be offered in a buffet or table service format.

20.5 Baby meals generally include milk, plain dal, and rice. Guests with very young children are advised to carry their regular baby food if needed.

20.6 Any missed meal due to a guest’s personal reasons will not be substituted or compensated.


20.7 While we make efforts to select good quality restaurants for meals, we do not have direct control over their operations, including food quality, hygiene, and sanitation facilities. Heritage Explorer is not responsible for any deficiencies in the quality and service of the restaurants. Complaints or claims in this regard will not be entertained.


21.1 Heritage Explorer’s Tour Managers are well-regarded among tourists on both Indian and International tours. They accompany the guests throughout the group tour, from the first to the last day, as per the itinerary. To enhance the tour experience, guests are advised to follow the Tour Manager’s instructions regarding the tour schedule, safety precautions, clothing, necessary items to carry, meal arrangements, sightseeing information, local etiquette, and do’s and don’ts. It should be noted that the Tour Manager is not responsible for any consequences resulting from the guest’s disregard of their instructions.

21.2 Guests are requested to treat the Tour Managers with respect, as they are committed to ensuring the success of the tour. In case of any service issues or complaints during the tour, guests should immediately inform the Tour Manager to find a solution and resolve the matter.

21.3 Although Tour Managers are at the service of the guests during the tour, they are not liable for theft, loss, damage to guests’ personal belongings, or any injuries or accidents that may occur to the guests. In emergencies, when the Tour Manager needs to manage the entire group and adhere to the itinerary, they may not be able to accompany individual guests personally or stay back with them. However, the Tour Manager will guide the guests on further steps to be taken or help in lodging complaints with local authorities. Any expenses incurred due to such situations will be borne by the guests.

21.4 In the event of a guest’s personal belonging being lost and found after departure from a destination, the guest must arrange for its return via courier service and bear the associated expenses. Heritage Explorer and its Tour Managers are not responsible for retrieving lost and found items from any destination.

21.5 For smooth communication and clarity of instructions, the Tour Manager will create a WhatsApp group for the guests on the second day of the tour (unless internet availability prevents this). The group will be used solely for sharing tour-related instructions and the next day’s program. If any guest objects to being a part of this WhatsApp group, they should inform the Tour Manager immediately for appropriate action.

21.6 The language of communication on group tours is Hindi and English. Tour Managers communicate in both Hindi and/or English. On international tours, local guides, hosts, ship crew, hotel representatives, etc., communicate in English. Guests are expected to be conversant in these two languages. In case any guest is unfamiliar with these languages, Tour Managers will make efforts to make the guest(s) comfortable and understand the tour program.

21.7 Heritage Explorer’s Tour Managers are not responsible for and cannot assist in altering or amending the following aspects of the tour:

Itinerary and Inclusions:

Under normal conditions, the itinerary and its inclusions are pre-decided and provided by Heritage Explorer. This includes the planned schedule, activities, meals, and services mentioned in the tour program.

Flight Seat Allotment:

The seat allotment on flights is at the discretion of the airline and not controlled by Heritage Explorer. The airline determines the seating arrangements for passengers.

Coach Seat Allotment:

On tours with coach transportation, seat allotment is assigned based on the booking date priority. Guests who book earlier are more likely to get preferred seats on the coach.

Room Allotment:

The allocation of rooms in hotels is at the discretion of the hotel management and is not directly controlled by Heritage Explorer. Hotel staff determine the room assignments for guests.

Missed Sightseeing:

If guests fail to adhere to the specified timings for sightseeing activities, they may miss out on certain aspects of the tour. Heritage Explorer is not responsible for any missed sightseeing opportunities due to deviations from the schedule by the guests. It is essential for guests to follow the tour itinerary to ensure they can fully participate in all planned activities.

22.1 Shopping is a significant and enjoyable activity during any tour, providing guests with unique experiences. While shopping, guests are advised to be responsible consumers and carefully assess the price and quality of the items they intend to buy. It is essential to be mindful of the following points:

Heritage Explorer neither recommends nor endorses any specific shop or vendor, and guests are solely responsible for their purchases.

Some sightseeing places may have their souvenir shops, flagship stores, or galleries, where shopping is optional and not compulsory.

While shopping, guests should carefully inspect the quality and quantity of the items they intend to purchase and be mindful of the price.

Guests should also be aware of value-added tax (VAT) refund policies, baggage allowances, courier charges, shipping, freight costs, and customs duties, wherever applicable.

Please be informed and make informed decisions while shopping during the tour. Heritage Explorer is not liable for any purchases made by guests, and any shopping-related matters should be addressed directly between the guests and the vendors.


23.1 Heritage Explorer offers Gift Vouchers that guests can purchase and gift to their loved ones on special occasions.

23.2 Occasionally, Heritage Explorer also awards Gift Vouchers to guests as prizes or benefits.

23.3 The Gift Vouchers come with the following terms and conditions:

The Gift Voucher can only be redeemed against group tours (subject to availability) or holiday packages offered by Heritage Explorer.

It has a specified validity period and must be utilized within that time frame.

The Gift Voucher cannot be split, nor can two or more vouchers be combined for a single tour booking.

It is non-transferable, non-refundable, and cannot be exchanged for cash.

During redemption, guests need to provide the digital code received at the time of voucher issuance.

The gift voucher cannot be used for one-day tours, picnics, stand-alone services, or tours priced below INR 20000/-

Heritage Explorer’s Terms and Conditions will also be applicable to the use of the Gift Vouchers

24.1 Heritage Explorer welcomes all Indian nationals, NRIs, and foreign nationals to join their tours within India or around the world. Guests are advised to be mentally and physically fit and consult their physician before booking a tour. Differently abled guests should check the facilities available at the destination and be accompanied by a family member.

24.2 The safety and well-being of all guests on the group tour is a priority. Any guest who poses a threat to fellow tour companions or is found unfit to participate in sightseeing or continue the tour will be restricted from joining sightseeing activities or be compelled to discontinue the tour. In such cases, Heritage Explorer will assist the guest with further arrangements, but the guest will bear all expenses, and no tour price refund is applicable.

24.3 If a guest requires medical assistance during the tour, it will be arranged through local doctors or hospitals, and all associated expenses will be borne by the guest. It is recommended for all guests to have medical insurance covering hospitalization and other medical expenses.

24.4 Guests should be cautious as some tours may include rough terrain, extensive walking (including cobblestone streets and uneven pavements), steps, hill climbs, or locations that may not be easily accessible.

24.5 Guests should ensure they are physically fit to participate in any included or optional outdoor/adventure activity. Heritage Explorer will not be responsible for any injuries, accidents, or mishaps that may occur during such activities.

24.6 Guests in need of special services must be accompanied by their near and dear ones or relatives on the tour. Additional services such as caretakers, wheelchairs, or airport assistance can be arranged at an extra cost, subject to availability.


25.1 Guest details provided on the booking form are crucial, as all tour arrangements depend on this information. Guests are advised to verify and reconfirm the details on their booking form, as any mistakes could lead to significant losses. If the booking was made through Heritage Explorer’s sales office or a sales partner’s office, guests must authenticate the booking form and ensure they receive a confirmation call and an auto-generated SMS from Heritage Explorer’s corporate office immediately after booking.

25.2 Accuracy and authenticity of information provided by the guest:

When guests submit information to Heritage Explorer during enquiry, registration, booking, or visa/insurance processing, they must ensure that all details such as tour date, name, age, birth-date, address, Aadhar/PAN/passport details, and required financial information for visa processing are accurate, true, current, and complete.

Heritage Explorer will rely on the information provided by the guest for all tour formalities. If any incorrect detail is found on the booking form, the guest should inform the Travel Advisor and get it corrected within 24 hours of booking. Incorrect information may lead to amendments or tour cancellation, and the guest will bear the costs incurred for the amendment or loss due to cancellation. Heritage Explorer will not be liable for any such issues. If there is any change in the registered contact details, guests should update the information through their Travel Advisor promptly to avoid missing important information.

25.3 Guests need to submit valid documents for processing the tour booking and collect necessary documents from Heritage Explorer before the tour. It is important to observe the timelines for both to avoid any future issues in the booking or joining the tour. Timelines are periodically shared on guests’ registered contact details.

25.4 While on tour, guests should carry original documents like Aadhar card, PAN card, passport with valid visa(s), air ticket, insurance copy, NOC if needed for minors/children, vaccination certificate, health report (if mandatory), or any other personal/legal document required at immigration. Guests are also advised to keep photocopies of important documents with them and at home in case of emergencies.

25.5 Guests should select a group tour or a customized holiday based on their preferences and interests to make the most of their vacation. Group tours have pre-set itineraries, accommodations, and services, while customized holidays do not include Tour Manager services but are taken care of as per the itinerary through local associates. Guests on customized holidays will be virtually assisted by Heritage Explorer, and they are required to stay in touch with Heritage Explorer’s guest relation representative. If guests wish to have Tour Manager services on their customized holiday (FIT) package, it can be arranged at an additional cost, subject to availability.

25.6 Guests booking a group tour are expected to conduct themselves appropriately for group travel. Abusive, aggressive, or harmful behavior towards co-travelers, Travel Advisors, Tour Managers, or representatives of associates may result in the cancellation of the booking or discontinuation of the guest from the tour. In such cases, the company reserves the right to cancel or terminate the guest’s tour without any refund, compensation, or further consequences.

25.7 As per immigration/customs/government/community laws, guests are not allowed to possess or carry any illegal or restricted items such as narcotic drugs, weapons, ammunition, explosives, etc. If found, this will lead to the discontinuation of the tour, and the guest may face legal action as per the law of the land.

25.8 Guests should follow the Tour Manager’s instructions and maintain punctuality. Any missed sightseeing or service due to guest delays will be the sole responsibility of the guest, and any associated expenses or losses will have to be borne by the guests.

25.9 While on tour, it is the responsibility of everyone to take care of private and public property. Any expenses or penalties incurred due to damage caused by the guest (knowingly or unknowingly) to hotel property, aircraft, train, cruise, coach, sightseeing attraction, etc., must be settled immediately by the guest.

25.10 Guests should immediately inform the Tour Manager of any inconvenience faced on tour, so that appropriate solutions can be sought from concerned officials, wherever possible.

25.11 Guests should be aware that during their participation in tours operated by Heritage Explorer, certain risks and dangers may arise beyond the company’s control, including hazards of traveling in undeveloped areas, forces of nature, political unrest, acts of unlawfulness or terrorism, animal interactions, differing standards of safety, etc. By voluntarily participating in these activities, guests agree to accept any and all risks.

25.12 If guests do not wish to or are not allowed to visit a country or part of a country intended to be visited due to any law, condition, or requirement of any governmental authority, they are solely responsible for any missed visits, loss, damage, costs incurred, etc. Heritage Explorer will not be liable for any refund, compensation, or consequences in such cases.

25.13 As lawful consideration for the agreement with Heritage Explorer to participate in the tour, guests agree not to make any claims or sue for bodily injury, emotional trauma, death, property loss or damage, etc., however caused.

25.14 Guests are strongly advised to get insurance before joining the tour. In case of any accident or incident leading to an insurance claim, guests must directly communicate with the insurance company and provide the necessary documents for claim settlement. The grant or rejection of the claim will be solely at the discretion of the insurance company, and Heritage Explorer will not be responsible for the same. Any disputes about the settlement amount or claim rejection should be directly dealt with the insurance company by the guests.

25.15 Airlines, cruises, and trains are imposing stricter baggage policies with restrictions on size and weight. Guests are advised to travel light with small bags that are easy to carry on their own. Guests shall pay porter charges or tips directly if they avail such services at train stations, airports, cruise terminals, immigration points, hotels, or any other place.

25.16 Tipping is customary (unless otherwise stated in the tour itinerary inclusions) in all parts of the world for services rendered, such as porters, coach drivers, guides, etc.

25.17 Friends, relatives, or colleagues visiting guests on tour are not allowed to utilize any services unless they have taken prior permission and paid for the same in advance. Such admission or permission will be subject to availability.

25.18 This agreement not only binds the guest but also their heirs, assigns, and legal representatives.

25.19 Guests are advised to carry money for personal expenses, shopping, optional sightseeing, local delicacies, beverages, additional facilities offered by hotels/resorts, and also for emergencies due to medical reasons or unforeseen/force majeure situations. Heritage Explorer generally includes all services and maximum sightseeing as per the tour itinerary, but guests should be prepared with extra funds for any personal expenses.


26.1 Heritage Explorer acts as a facilitator and coordinates with various independent service providers for tour-related services, including airlines, cruises, railways, transporters, sightseeing companies, hoteliers, restaurateurs, caterers, snacks suppliers, etc. While the company takes utmost precaution to ensure the smooth operation of the tour, it has no control over the operations and running of these service providers. Therefore, in case of any issues faced by guests at the time of availing the service, which is the sole responsibility of the service provider, Heritage Explorer shall not be held responsible or liable for any compensation for operational inefficiencies, misrepresentations, acts, omissions, errors, warranties, breaches, or negligence on the part of any service provider.

26.2 Heritage Explorer will not be liable for the provision of medical care or the adequacy of any care that may be rendered in case of a medical emergency or accident. The company is not responsible for risks and dangers that may arise beyond its control.

26.3 Any gesture of courtesy extended by Heritage Explorer towards guests in case of force majeure or unforeseen situations to minimize the impact, loss, or damage will not be considered as an admission of liability or a waiver.

26.4 In the fast-moving world, human errors and omissions are possible. Heritage Explorer reserves the right to correct any mistake in the tour price and re-invoice the guest, even if the booking is made and confirmed. If the guest disagrees and wishes to withdraw the booking, they must convey the same immediately within 48 hours of the notification of such an error. In this case, the booking will be canceled, and the advance paid by the guest will be refunded within 10 working days.

26.5 Sometimes, the presence of a celebrity, dignitary, or Heritage Explorer founder may be advertised as a part of the tour itinerary. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, such assigned personnel may not be able to join the tour. Heritage Explorer will not be held responsible for such situations.

26.6 For any withdrawal from the tour, regardless of the reason, the Cancellation Policy will be applicable. The company is not liable for any losses incurred by its guests in their personal capacity and hence has no liability relating to any loss of job, business, occupation, contract, interruption, loss of business opportunity, etc.